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Per Project Contract

(A-La-Carte Services)


If you have specific jobs that you just can't find time to do yourself, why not entrust BP Media & VA Solutions to handle it for you on a regular basis?  Each project is billed per an hourly rate to fit your budget and needs. 



Per Project Contracts Billed at: $50.00 per hr.

w/a 3 hour minimum.


Retainer Package:


Retainer Package Contracts are set up in 3 month intervals. and can go up to 12 mos. (1 year).  Invoices are due on the 15th and 30th (or 31st whichever applies) of each month. During your contract, you may send us a Work Order with your "projected due date" and we will make EVERY effort to return your project BEFORE or on schedule.


Retainer Package Pricing Begins at: $700 per month

For 1 - 10 Hours of work per month.



At BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC our goal is to help you SAVE money by providing you with the best possible Virtual Executive Assistant Administrative Support you could desire...ONLINE!   We're the "helping hands" you've been waiting for! 


I'm sure we'll have a package that should accommodate MOST if not ALL of your needs.   Once you become one of our OFFICIAL clients, (by registering below), you'll be able to place your Work Order with our office. 


If you have questions about ANY of the services we offer, please shoot us an email at: and we'll be happy to respond within the same business day it was received.

Client Registration:


If you would like to explore becoming one of

BPMedia & VA Solutions' OFFICIAL clients, then we invite you to Register with us by clicking on the button below. You will be directed to our Client Registration Center where you will be able to place your Work Order! 

Special Projects:


If you're in need of a website, Special Event Planning services, Project Management, etc. that usually require more man hours than usual, please contact us for a Custom Quote.  For maximum efficiency, we will need to speak with you directly (via telephone or social media connection, i.e., Skype, Google+, Facetime, etc.) in great detail concerning what your needs are and the budget you wish to stay within in order to accomplish these types of services with our standard of excellence.

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