1. ALL RETAINER PACKAGE CLIENTS are RETAINER PAYMENTS and are paid UPFRONT and billed TWICE A MONTH on the 15th and 30th (or 31st whichever applies) of the month.  Contract Retainer Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.   


  1. The CLIENT will pay FULL retainer fees TWICE MONTHLY, plus overages (should they

apply).  Invoices are sent from BPMedia and VA Solutions directly to the Client and DUE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT FROM THE CONTRACTOR.


  1. All months (after the initial month of contract) will include any previously authorized

expenses and overages.  The FIRST MONTH of service will require a 50% DEPOSIT from the CLIENT of the contract amount before work on your project can commence. 


  1. The CONTRACTOR will notify the CLIENT of possible overages and wait for the authorization

to exceed the approved hours that are needed outside of the contracted time.  Overages are billed

at $30 per hour beyond the INITIAL Agreement. 


  1. The CLIENT will reimburse the CONTRACTOR for all APPROVIED additional expenses; such as postage, FedEx/UPS shipping fees, labels, etc. that the project being completed requires under contract. 


  1. Payment for Services Rendered through this contract are to be paid IN FULL

       (no partial payments will be accepted) and DUE on the 15th and 30th of the preceding

       month of contracted services through our PAYPAL ONLINE facilitator on our website: and CLICKING on our “CLIENT REGISTRATION” page.  





The CLIENT or the CONTRACTOR may terminate this agreement upon FIVE (5) DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE to the other party.  However, in the event of a breach of this Agreement by one of the parties, it may be terminated immediately.  Upon termination of contracted services, the CONTRACTOR, BPMedia & VA Solutions shall invoice the CLIENT and payment will be expected IN FULL immediately upon receipt of invoice  to close out all business matters and relations concerning this contract.   





It is understood by BOTH parties of this Agreement that BPMedia & VA Solutions is an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR with respect to the CLIENT’S company/organization and IS NOT an employee of the CLIENT.  The CLIENT WILL NOT provide any employee benefits, health or life insurance, paid vacation or any other employee benefit normally paid by a person on another’s payroll.  The CLIENT is also NOT responsible for withholding taxes with respect to the CONTRACTOR’S compensation hereunder but will supply BPMedia & VA Solutions with a form 1099 at the close of each calendar year for services rendered.  Additionally, the CLIENT IS NOT responsible for any sick leave, retirement benefits, social security, worker’s compensation, disability or unemployment insurance of any kind.  





The CONTRACTOR will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly use for the personal benefit of the CONTRACTOR or divulge, disclose or communicate in any manner, any information and treat it as strictly confidential.  This provision shall continue to be effective even after the termination of this Agreement.  Upon termination of this Agreement, the CONTRACTOR will return to the CLIENT all records, notes, documentation and any other items that were used, created or controlled by the CONTRACTOR during the term of this Agreement and for the express use of the CLIENT.  Any works copyrighted, ideas, discoveries, inventions, patents, products or other information (collectively, the “Work Product”) shall be the exclusive property of the CLIENT.  Upon request, BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC shall sign all documents necessary to confirm or perfect the exclusive ownership of the CLIENT to the Work Product. **In return, BPMedia & VA Solutions will require the CLIENT to sign a CONFIRMATION AGREEMENT that they have received ownership of all information and documents from BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC as utilized by the CONTRACTOR for work rendered to them during their Contractual Agreement period.  Our CLIENTS privacy is our priority and we operate as a business of integrity.  





BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC will make EVERY EFFORT to communicate and contact the CLIENT to gain clarity of their needs, authorization to move forward on diverse projects, etc. within a reasonable and respectable amount of time.  Attempting to reach the CLIENT in a timely manner will include:  emailing them up to but not exceeding FIVE (5) times, leaving voice messages via telephone at least on FIVE ATTEMPTS. ALL phone numbers and email addresses provided on the CLIENT CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT will be used as an effort to reach the CLIENT.   If the project is delayed in being completed due to the CLIENT’S negligence to check voicemail messages, email messages or return phone calls in a timely manner, the time spent trying to reach the client will be documented and counted against the contracted time for that week’s work.  Should the contracted time for a CLIENT be exceeded and any project being delayed in being completed due to not being able to reach the CLIENT for necessary authorizations, confirmations, etc. BEFORE moving forward will be billed at our Hourly Rate of $30 per hour. 


Additionally, BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC WILL NOT be liable for loss, damage or delay of the CLIENT’S project due to circumstances beyond the CONTRACTOR’S control.  Such circumstances may include (but are not limited to):  acts of God, public unrest, power outages, and inability to contact the CLIENT.  In the event of such loss, damage or delay, BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC will make EVERY EFFORT to notify the CLIENT immediately of ANY challenges they may be experiencing in completing their contracted projects





BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC is generally OPEN for business and available for services via telephone, email and/or through our website during our normal business hours:  Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM (EST).  We are CLOSED for ALL nationally recognized holidays with a few caveats to the schedule; please note EXACT DATES WILL VARY from year to year:


January –                  New Year’s Day

January –                  Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday

February –               President’s Day

May –                        Memorial Day (Veteran’s Day)

July –                          Independence Day (4th of July)

September –           Labor Day

October 8th –         Owner’s Birthday

November 5th –    Election Day

November –            Thanksgiving Holiday – (Thanksgiving Eve) Weds through Friday of the holiday week.

December -              Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) through New Years Day (Jan. 1st)


When our offices are CLOSED,


1.  ALL CLIENTS will be notified via email as a *REMINDER*,

2.  It will be posted on our company’s website AND

3.  Our company’s voice mail message will also reflect the notice. 


Should the OWNER take a planned vacation, ALL CLIENTS will be notified 2 WEEKS OR MORE in advance so that WORK ORDERS and outstanding projects may be COMPLETED in a timely manner PRIOR to the time of her departure.





BPMedia & VA Solutions, LLC Policies: