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We desire to provide a positive, engaging and totally PROFESSIONAL work experience for you through the use of our administrative service solutions.  Please fill out the brief ONLINE form below along with the services you think you will need from our offices.  I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your Executive Assistant needs.  

Retainer Package Pricing:

Retainer Contracts are billed and DUE on the 15th and 30th (or 31st whichever applies) of EACH month. Contracts are offered in 3, 6, 9

and 12 month intervals.  Invoices are DUE

upon receipt.


1 -   10   hours per month - $700

(Billed Twice per month @: $350)


11 - 21   hours per month - $1470

(Billed Twice per month @: $735)


22 - 32   hours per month - $2240

(Billed Twice per month @: $1120)


33 - 40   hours per month - $2800

(Billed Twice per month @: $1400)



*Please Note:  Any hours worked over a Retainer Contracted time will be billed

as Overtime at our Overtime hourly rate of

$30 per hour.










Per Project Pricing:

(A-La-Carte Services - Billed Hourly)

Call Us When you Need Us! 


Our Per Project Pricing is billed BY THE HOUR and may include more than one task from our Retainer Package Listing. 


Per Project Hourly Price:  $50.00 per hour

With a 3 hour Minimum.

Our Special Needs Solutions are Custom Quoted for each individual Client.  


Please CONTACT US so we may discuss your SPECIFIC needs and give you our fairest quote.


Email:  bpmediavasolutions@gmail.com 

Phone: 1-513-735-0037


Special Needs Services & Solutions:

Invoices for Services Rendered: 


If you have received an invoice for services rendered via email from our offices, please know that you can feel SAFE completing the transaction through our online Paypal payment solution.  Through our safe, secure and convenient PayPal portal, the directions in the email will lead you through the check out process. 


We appreciate you as a Client and THANK YOU for entrusting BPMedia & VA Solutions to service your ONLINE Virtual Executive Assistant Administrative